Face Up & Sing lyrics

Some guy tried to rub up against me
In a crowded subway car
Some guy tried to feed me some stupid line
In some stupid bar
I see the same shit everyday
The landscape looks so bleak
I think Ill take the first one of yous home
That does something unique

Some chick says
Thank you for saying all the things I never do
I say
The thanks I get is to take all the shit for you
Its nice that you listen
Itd be nicer if you joined in
As long as you play their game girl
Youre never going to win

Today I just want someone to entertain me
Im tired of being so fierce
Im tired of being so friendly
You dont have to be a supermodel
To do the animal thing
You dont have to be a supergenius
To open your face up and sing

Somebody do something
Anything soon
I know I cant be the only
Whatever I am in the room
So why am I so lonely?
Why am I so tired?
I need company
I need backup
I need to be inspired

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