Fainting Spells lyrics

Give me this before I slip, before I sink,
because I think I may have found the short way down.
Just give me something. Something's cold and clear -
the love spent here, as I had feared, means nothing dear.
I pray to reason I'll forget. I'll trade what's left.

Just give me something.
I'm the devout, praying just to get the blood out,
bound by this flesh I own.
I'm the devout, cutting just to get the blood out.
Desecrate til we die alone.

I will defy the pulse disguise
but please pretend we're still alive if it gives you hope.
I sung and drowned. I'm taking the short way down.

Give me something I can take to make the memories fade.
Poison kiss, remember this, I was never meant for this day.

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