Fall Down lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Secretly what do you think of me?
When I'm not around how do you speak of me do evil thoughts travel your frequency?
Moral delinquency eats and sleeps with me
Meaning my heart is good though I'm not the leading model of decency
Despite with my previous achievements be I still find that in-cravenly
Hard for even myself to believe in me
Not many people are as deep as me
Yet you still in seem to be the fees are not being redistributed evenly
Somewhere down the line has been some thievery
And it's not all military grand deceivers have lied and socially cheated me
The way the world has previously de-treated me
Leads me to seeing the griefless truth that we having been seeded equally
So, with all that being said I'll just look ahead
And won't ever criticize a cover until that book is read
And showing love since my baby in the crib stage
Keeping true and never lead your side like your ribcage

The jealous wanna see me fall down
But if I do I'm a get back up and knock em all down
The jealous wanna see me fall down
I know they jealous of me, them boys is jealous of me
Them haters jealous of me, them fools is jealous of me

[Verse 2:]
As soon as you come up on something everybody's quick to grab
You the one who cause the wound and now you wanna pick the scab
Stressful thoughts in my folder and now I gotta hit the lab
We all sit at the table late, and y'all won't even split the tab
I know if I let you, you would bleed me till the end of time
You keep thinking money is not an object cause you spending mine
If the shoe was on the other foot, you wouldn't lend a dime
Sometimes they apologize, but it's never genuine (Ginuwine)
They say never question God trust in him he understands
But I disagree whose better qualify to give you answers
Faith without works is dead but closed mouths won't get fed
God helps those who helps themselves and lazy hustlers don't get bread
Everybody wanna speak on what they had or got today
But sometimes during life is best to know what not to say
Everybody knows somebody's hooked on drugs and locked away
So why you wanna gossip disrespect slander and proper gate


[Verse 3:]
No time for negative vibes I changed my life and woke up
You was happy when you heard me and my wife had broke up
You can hate I learn to master and survive problems
My autobiography outta be twenty-five volumes
Understand nothing that exist today stays the same
The only thing in this life that's constant is change
I smash the weak, like a message out to lead
Cause the fake smiles disguises the present of deceit
Envious people goin talk so let em scream and shout it
Nothing you can do to change it so I trip about it
Strictly defeats your foes but do it cleverly
The jealously is cause of things in you that they can never be
So don't be mad we goin laugh and have a celebration
Throw a hater party and send all of em an invitation
Around the world, cause it don't matter where they from
But you know that they some haters so they probably ain't goin come
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