Fall Hard lyrics

So you think you can walk on water? But darling you would sink like a stone. Cos you're the most cold-hearted woman that I have ever known. And you think you've got it all babe, but you've really got nothing at all. And your arrogance consumes you, it's gonna set you up for a fall. And she moves just like a hurricane; howls into your life and leaves destruction wherever she goes. And you don't even have to say a single word because believe me she already knows.
She's gonna fall hard.
So welcome to the real world. Is it everything that you thought? And now she's so consumed by sadness she's realized happiness can't be bought. Then she constantly reminds you of how much she's got but she's got nothing I could possibly need. She'll never be so satisfied with anything you do, she'll only have you when you're down on your knees.

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