Feed The Fire lyrics

This is one thing that is constant
and I keep crawling back here every time I fall.
It is the pillar I rest my hope on.
This is my life-blood, this is my all...

Call it what you want, it don't bother me.
Hearts permeated and soiled with envy - time and time again.

Tried to strip me of my dignity,
but despiteful words can no longer hurt me.

And if you thought so,
you're dumber than I did ever give you credit for.
So many times I took the beatings,
physically and mentally punched through the god-damned floor.

Foul means to brake my self-esteem,
to crush and crumble a young boys dream.
But the winds have changed
and all the shit you throw my way, blows right back in your face!

All the harsh words - Feed the fire!
All the hatred - Feed the fire!
The condescending eyes - Feed the fire!

Every time I'm patronized I rise up higher
while they feed the fire!


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