Fire Drill lyrics

[Intro: Chamillionaire Ad-lib]
Chamillitary Mayne
(Fire Drill)
Chamillitary Bang
(Fire Drill)
You already know who this is, Major Pain
(Fire Drill)
I gotta stay bringing the major's pain
(The more fire, more fire)
Hold up
Right now class is in season
So what we need to do is run a fire drill right quick
Y'all know the routine:
(Fire Drill)
Stop, drop, now, roll
Stop, drop, now, roll
I run this, Ay

They told me Koopa you the best, and I said "I Know"
It's the Mixtape Messiah show so here it go, part 4
Revenge is a dish that is best serve cold
So I walked into the kitchen and made em turn off the stove
How the heck you asking me whether or not I'm the real
I been terrorizing y'all before I ever got a deal
Backyard a little bigger than a soccer field
I been on so many beaches I should know how shock should feel
Album coming put the king on ya gift list
Rip ya pink slip, cause I'm too sick to be dismissed
F what'chu think I know I'm lyrically gifted
Like the kid that opened up the rap booklet on Christmas
You winning then you losing, they jsut say that's life
Til you put out that Ferrari and they say, "That's Nice"
They say Chamillionaire fell off and I just said, "That's Right"
I was standing on my money and fell fifteen flights
Roll Call

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