Fishbowl lyrics

Im here today,
Just like every yesterday.
Heavy heat,
And sheets stick to my skin.
Cant get away from nothingness.
I try to get up,
But I have to give in to the force that is keeping me down.
I overcome gravity,
I look outside.
A cat cries out,
Trapped upon a window sill,
But is cryings drowned out by my screaming inside.
What will it take?
I wonder what its like exposed outside,
Would I be safe?
When will it break.
Try to look out,
I see reflection I just want to break.
Sirens moan.
Theyre forever crying...someones probably dying.
The sound sticks inside my head.
Talk to myself,
Im company,
But who is to say if nothing if said?
Two windows stare back at me.
Three stories high nothing is new.
I may sit,
But someday Ill stand.
Ill muster up the will and fire myself through.

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