Flow Session Number 1 lyrics

Ha, Ha, HA, HA!
Uh, to Flow Session Number 1
To Flow Session Number 1
Uh, to Flow Session Number 1
To Flow Session Number 1
K-Rino, K-Rino, K-Rino
K-Rino, K-Rino
Check this out

Yeah, I need a rapper I can call out
I'm going all out and like hair after a ball spot
I rip skin ain't no repairing the facial terrace
Black pen, white paper that's in a racial marriage (woo)
I turn rappers to vegetables it ain't no use flexing
When I'm done the stage look like the prodosection
You can't handle the pressure you need to come harder
My words fuck ya head up like a drunk barber (yeah)
I shoot slugs rappers debating and reply
I'm out-manning you like Peyton or Eli (fosho)
You say I'm trash but you steady try'na copy me
You full of shit like a basket at a shopping spree
I want cash so pay me yo how my skill erase (erase)
Picture my foot in ya ass for twenty years straight
They say I'm heavenly
Cause I gave you light to the game like Viagra did for dudes over seventy
Uh, B.B.I. rap hustlers with plenty moves
You fake bobbing paying notes on ya tennis shoes
My clever rhymes stuff and lose (yeah)
The only punch line you know about is waiting for a cup of juice
Thighs super sick solid as the earth is settle (indeed)
If sick means great then yo lyrics are in perfect help
Don't nobody support you, you can't be the man
You like a house with no air-condition you need a fan

Flow Session Number 1

See my words got the white Howard jumping Power
The crowd making faces like they swallowed something sour
On trial for cutting seven rappers wrist off
No I didn't bleed insanity I bleeded pissed off
You stole my style you gotta alot of nerve talking
You need to find ya own space like reserve parking
I got some deep stuff to put on ya mind
I call you out like a Hooper with his foot on the line
You ain't never been squat so you dissing my joint
Like a hand with no fingers fool you missing the point
When I come I make em hit the gas lyrically I'm quick to blast
You can say 'hello' and smile and I'm like 'kick ya ass'
These fly rappers they can't seem to make ya minds up
I'll blow ya watch in the sky that mean ya time's up
I love ya girlfriend every time I spend the night
It's always on like a used car engine light
I send a two-by-four right cross ya wig
I make rappers move around like foster kids
Feel me homie I'm sick of all this rederick (rederick)
My rhymes got ya open like they set a pick (huh)
Everybody wanna get mad and grab a heaters
I added money by the minute like cab meters
I'm a forced to be wrecken with
Of the no good like a reverend's child watching a naked flick
Ya see my words manage to cause nerve damage
Intelligent for steal ghetto as a serve sandwich
I exfoliate; you can hold your weight
I heard ya rapping to a fence like I stole a gate
My ideology see em in my own jabber (Bing)
You should be allowed to featured on ya own album
If ya got a heater dude you better low it fast
How the hell you a thug taking aerobics' class?

Flow Session Number 1

He said he warn to be mashed up that bastard lying
I prime up the past you because you past ya prime
Women of men if you come forward try'na win
I make you reverse like saying the same rhyme again
My flow grevills it's like a defense with a clone at a rail-revers
Come and eat at your receivers (woo)
Who would ever ask for more?
I fast-forward past the ward just to make the aftermath come afore
See you like to dress up and show up with'cha hair all pressed up
But me I tha, ca... man I messed up (that's aight)
But then I came back on the same track
Blow ya mind you can't even wonder where your brain's at
Hit the conversation
I vacation in the same cage as eight bass waiting from hibernation
Concrete feet in the water chances are beating me
I'm slimmer than a crack head with an eating disorder
I'm taking the game over I'm in large in my zone
Plus I'm building bars up like I was charging my phone
Man I'm out here try'na get revenue while you capping
You can turn to be all sniper I'm through rapping

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