Flow Session Number 2 lyrics

Flow Session Number 2
Break it down for me

My throat is so rugged I drink lava smoothies
My girl is fly and gangsta she pack Prada oozes (ha)
I'm a take you to the scariest place
I'm high-definition like a dictionary in space
Man my flow almost murdered your brother
It was a close call like Siamese twins on the phone with each other
I was giving recondition; your words don't make sense
Like a fool try'na get a third-second opinion
I'm on my feet you on your ass, I'm a shower you a bath
I made a half an hour last for an hour in a half
And then I laugh, I'm so great that the scholars can't comprehend it (wassup)
You the type to flush the toilet first and then shit

See they don't want to see me live because my sense reckless
I can read a voicemail and listen to a text message
Once I enter I'm a bless the joint
See I'm a ninety-nine yard touchdown you just an extra point
Anyone greater than K-Rino man you got it twisted
You ain't in my class, you not even in my school district
Now it's time for the tears to flow
I stay in the booth like a pay phone forty years ago
Studying I keeps books on my mind
I'm like a fisherman I got these biters hook on my lines
Once I had a suicidal opponent
I waited for him to talk him off to the ledge and then I talked him back on it
Let the coach show you how to run the plays G
I'm so futuristic my first born raised me
Catch me in wind flesh bowl and get'cha chest blowed
I'm taking no shorts like a club with a dress code
Put fire under you and permanently summit you
Attack me and I'll get even like the number two
I got my fiancee a ring worth about fifty
Yeah I went to Jared, but I took a pistol with me

I made it out on every rap war that I was in
I had my twenty-fifth birthday when I was ten
Stop dancing I don't wanna see no men shaking
I'll put a cast on your arm and then break it
You so stupid it's a trip how can you keep it coming?
You thought the human race was a bunch of people running
Watch your mouth I'm not the one in disgust
I'll throw a bus at you for try'na throw me under the bus
Understand, I had to take you out because you ran your mouth
Your style is older than that TV at'cha granny's house
The DJ wanted five G's you told him I can pay it
I heard your song and gave him five more not to play it
You perpetrating like you from the street fool please
You never on the block like a center that likes to shoot three's
Y'all rap like little boys they jsut say they grown
I can't trust you man you shady as a payday loan
You walking 'round acting like you undefeatable
And I agree with you no one can beat you being beatable
How can you play to win messing with a alien
You stole second base I stole the whole stadium

I'm a get it how I live just to stack bread
Stick you up against the wall like a fat head
When I decided I'm a get'cha in this danger time
A brain transplant couldn't make me change my mind
I spoke beats cause I got a track addiction
You up in Walgreen's try'na get a crack prescription
You keep try'na come at me to know no benefit
You like Brett Favre dawg you don't know when to quit
I open up a can of whoop-ass with no re-strengths
You open up a ketchup packaging of softer plates
I pump rhyme like people pumping iron in a zone blinded
A six-pack on my brian I guess I'm strong minded
You can lift the planet up and won't nobody clap
But I'm so cold people'll pay to watch me take a nap (foreal)
Defeat me, most men can't
If you try it I'm a be up in yo ass like a hipping plant
Check me out; I got something for the people to see
When it comes to being shallow you deeper than me
Every second I just leap a degree
Defeating me is harder to do than getting something cheaper than free

Flow Session Number 2
Flow Session Number 2
Flow Session Number 2

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