Flying Is Easy lyrics

I'm not gonna ask why..who am I to say
what was there in the night that wasn't there in the day
because tomorrow will come....and come what may
we're still gonna have to get out of your way

Because flying is easy
it's the landing that's hard
making your way
past what others discard
I'll clear all the brush...from my backyard
because flying is easy
it's the landing that's hard

Watched you from the dark...with a twinkling eye
a maniacal mick with his head in the sky
tears in your cup but we'll lift ours high
because that's how you'd want us to say goodbye


The Lord lives in heaven...we're stuck down here
with a head full of love...and a pint full of beer
sometimes we'd all like to up and disappear
or fly up for a visit to make ourselves clear


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