Flypaper lyrics

Why won't you die?

To forgive, and forget
Live and regret
To forgive, and forget
Live and regret

Grief speaks it's own language
Forces me to act strong
But everytime I stand up
I'm afraid I'll bump my head

In time

Things seemed easy
Only I was building a fence
And you see in me
What I once took action against

Sever my eyes
Away from this 20 inch screen
I've finally got what is tangible
The more I learn about myself
The more I see in me to hate, to hate

Your misconception of perception
Detains all reasoning

You're the image of my fears
Armed with words that shatter my ears
I am only I
But that won't do
Not for you
You're only you

Can you see what I've got
The world is not a tube
And a brain playing games with television
Knobs is a steady leak for attention span
Restore it sooner:unplug the unit

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