Forensics lyrics

I flow in the boats full motion and go into a postal explosion
The anger's oceans in cause is coastal erosion
A non-negotiable wrote, choking left throats broken
I'm not sociable but I'm open to smoke you into lotion
Millenniums might appear before your sight clears
Point blank range to K-Rino's a million light years
I hang in the high planes get paid to use slang
In battles my molars change into rattle snake fangs
My brain is a Saturn thrown arrow, my cerebral waves travel
To a depth that will make abyss' look shallow
Each page of my speech holds the rage of a beast
On a stage I laid in a locked cage on a leash
A literary stake I drive in ya, they call me the Cinco de Mayo killer
'Cause I may put five in ya
Infect you with a sick line that will stay alive in ya
The CSI guy might die when he starts describing ya
I bomb ya with deep extreme new jack trauma
Yet I'm calm enough to sleep between two black mambas
Butt naked without a suit of armour or gun or snake charmer
And if it's cold I'm gonna hold them next to me to stay warmer
In my maddest extreme, I ravish two talented teams
I was seen tearing a spleen on a balancing beam
Through time no one has written more historical lines
And left family members crying at picking floral designs
See these stupid guy utilise foolish pride
My vocals shot through his ride, didn't hit him but scared him so bad the fool just died
Left him crucified with a new supply
Charged me with double murder his soul left his flesh committed suicide
Neutralise crews, I can you survive
My paper and pen survive like planets and meteors when the two collide
You must try then euthanize me with a mic
Is like an artist and a blowtorch unsupervised
What I shoot will make Jupiter move aside
Magnificent lyrical bigamist, verbal homicide is my newest bride
Separate the truth from lies
Treat you like fast food places do to fries, murder you super-size
See your death hand was willingly dealt
I got a stealth that will make facilities melt to my utility belt
I'm the paradox, the earthquake, the damage and the aftershocks
My teeth are like jagged rocks that can chop and snap an ox
In ain't my fault you're pretending
I say the same rhyme twenty times with twenty alternate endings
I'll chase them down 'til I catch 'em
And if he flex 'em I stretch him across the electromagnetic spectrum
I cut writers to confetti, I'm the lyrical Jim Kelly
I got the beast trapped in my belly
He studied every line, said he had a style that he had perfected
But I bet his petite mind's not ready
My head's the conduit, the energy runs through it
Write one bar and give you a year to respond to it
All these dudes is routed in foolish music, don't construe it
Label new recruits are clueless, they grew from garbage to sewage
I'm the shrewdest human moving, consuming nuclear fluids
Proving I'm the truest tune of students from Jewish to Buddhist
If he so chooses, we'll manoeuvre to the moon to do this
I'm the coldest and you ain't got nothing on me like a nudist
My rhyme is a time of scientific assignments
Subject you to simultaneously variations of climate
While my rep grow, your flow's pinker than Pepto
The keynotes [? ] around the necro expo
Don't feel me, ripping on camera K's worse
I release lyrical spurts like gammer ray burst

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