Friday lyrics

(street sounds; door opens and closes; sounds of baby crying and television)

Mother: thats right! thats all you do, just sit in front of the tv!
Father: hey, dont break my balls, shut up already!
Mother: youre not gonna help! I gotta deal with your kids and that loser son of yours...
Father: I work hard all day and I gotta deal with your shit! (sound of glass breaking)
Mother: what do you fuckin think youre doing? what are you doing? !
Father: how do you like that? !
Mother: what do you think youre doing?
Father: how do you like that? !
Mother: you fucking animal!
Father: I told you to shut the hell up!
Mother: dont you ruin my kitchen! Im sick of this! I want out! I want out!
Father: get the fuck outta here!
Mother: I cant stand this! you and your lousy fucking kids!
Father: hey, how do you like that you bitch? (more glass breaking)
Mother: dont you destroy my kitchen!
Father: hey, Ill destroy your world!
Mother: fuck you! you piece of shit! now get out of here you pig!
Father: yeah, get outta!
Mother: you and your fucking loser son! (door slams) Im outta here! im
Not dealing with nothing anymore! you piece of shit! I want out! I want out!

(kid breathes heavily; turns on stereo)

Mother: get outta here! get outta here! I cant take this anymore!!

(sound of bathroom door opening and closing; bathtub water turned on)

Mother: I want you outta here! right this minute! I gotta use the
Bathroom! whatta you doin in there? ! you goin through my makeup? its my
Bathroom, I gotta use it! dont touch my tampons! its my bathroom, I work
Hard to keep it clean, I can use it whenever I want!

(sound of kid slitting wrists; brief cry of pain)

Mother: its my bathroom!

(sound of blood dripping into the bathtub; door opens)

Mother: oh, oh, oh my god! oh jesus christ! no! nooooooooo!!!!!!!! ooooh myyyy gooood!!!!

(dripping continues)

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