Getting Stewed lyrics

Howard: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, coming to you direct from high atop the Konrad Adenauer Inn. Just a short forty five minute rocket flight, from where Cape Canaveral meets the Alcan Highway, twenty minutes down Route 66, just a short hop skip and a jump from the corner of Sunset and Fifth avenue. High atop one Fifth avenue where we're listening to the rancid rhythms of Riles Mizzinnitz and his music to make you wanna throw up. Yes, and coming up right after this, ladies and gentlemen, The Five Rancid Fingers of Ben Zedrine and his . . .
Mark: Strings . . .
Howard: Silly side and cut ups, yes, ladies and gentlemen, here we go into another . . . thing. No, not into another thing, ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad, because it's time to say that you're listening to the National Bum Rushing Company and we're all sitting around the table here stewed, ladies and gentlemen, and we're sitting here in Spokane, Washington
Mark: Right on
Howard: Would beyond the reef
Mark: Can Can
Howard: I hope this is it, because I can't go on crooning forever, come on in, boys!

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