Girl Like U (feat. Nelly) lyrics

If I Didnt Have no dough Would u love me? (would u love me baby)
If We didnt Have a place to go would u still be there?(would u still be there)
Would u leave me alone if the chips were down?( if the chips are down)
Would u stay around?(saty around)
And be down
i gotta have a chick like u (i gotta gotta gotta i like dis part)
i gotta have a gurl like u
i gotta have a chick like u (u u u u)
Ah who dat is standing there like dat
Lookin from the front but I can see whats in da back
Hips like O
Thighs like O
Pretty toes in a row they lookin like oo
I dont know nehew
Lets do what we do
Slide up on these hoes and put this pimpin to use(agreed)
Then what what we do (what we do)
you take the one in the white Ill take the one in the blue
I dont know if u been told but u look like u should be gold
Your so precious the way u shape up
Im just here to help u step your game up

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