Go Hard lyrics

Chamillitary mayne
You in the presence of the finest

My rims 20-somethin, age 20-somethin
Try to count the millions I done made
20-somethin?... No homo

I go hard
It's goin down get ready for the show
I go hard
Mixtape God steppin through the door
I go hard
Ain't anotha rappin F'in with the flow
I go hard
Ya'll need to stop actin like ya slow
I go
Ya'll need to stop actin like ya slow
I go hard
Ya'll need to stop actin like ya slow
I go hard
Ya'll need to stop actin like ya slow
I go hard
Ya'll need to stop actin like ya slow

I'm warning any one of you dudes that used to hang with the click
Who runnin around makin the threats about how gangsta you get
You put ya neck on the line then "YOUUUUUUUU" takin a slit
Do like a chick that won't let me hit and try to stay off my dick
Or I'm a prove that you don't want it with mufasa
You got the warning it's about to get ugly as chewbacca
Bout to make me hot as stewpasta to salsa
Habla espanol, cacarocha, tu caca
You see me sittin in it you can bet that it ain't rented
See the 4-5 infinite caucasian white tinted
Eyes lookin squinted they can't tell me that it didn't
Pop eyes like the bald white guy that liked spinach
(chamillitary mayne, we in the house) like tenants
O-dawg I'm a menace, o lord I'm a dentist
Ya'll sound like gimmicks, ya'll sound quite finished
And all ya'll hang around a bunch of clowns like grimace
Meanwhile, on the other side of town
Plate full of bullets and another side of rounds
I'm too deep make a puddle out of nouns
Spit a verse and every person that you love about to drown
I'm a shark in a bloody game of marco-polo
Dart flyin through the air to mark ya polo
Haters try to tell me they don't heart my logo
Others love it so they hug it with they heart, no homo
You a bozo and I am no clown I am the town
When I step in the public you know it's goin down
When I step back in the city you already know it's goin down
But I be overseas gettin them G's
Fall off? Please
Lil wayne song describe my smallest bank account silly
A milli-milli a milli a milli-milli milli
I'm movin in it like diddy, your city's my city
They try to throw me the kitty the kitty's like "gimme"
Didn't drop for a minute bootleggers told me they need me
Looks like the whole region is ready to B-C-D me
Clowns in the H tryna act like they wanna see me
I'm poppin up like a genie, they disappear like whodini
You busters must of snorted that whitney, I am sick G
Hot, he see can missiles be tryin to sick me
Wish he would try to throw it my way and piss me
Off, here's a thought, I'll make ya history a mystery (doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo)
Twilight zone, I'm worth 200 thousand more than me with my ice on
I'm a butcher with a weapon baby I knife songs
Mo murda-murda mo murda like I like Bone
The only way that you could ever be hotter than me
Is if I don't put out no music and that spot'll be free
Always grindin anytime I ever spotted a G
I was on point like a decimal, a dot, or a p-
E-r-I-o-d, no paper out of my reach
Shakin uncle sam I keep a lotta receipts
And nah Cham ain't neva the one to bring no sand to the beach
I put that moo-lah in my hand and bring grants to the street
Pullin up in the newest ish, you ain't neva knew exist
Baby get inside darlin you can smell the newestness
You can see the platinum see the clearness and the bluishness
Lookin at my jewelry tryna figure out who my jeweler is
Underground money neva disappears
When ya mixtape flowin skill as sick as his
Know it's big business I be on them businesses
Ay ya'll be actin immature so now I roll with bigger kids
Ridin on 28's my rims clear alot of cones
Ridin through the city mayne I hear alot of clones
Kill a microphone like I'm Killa Kyleon
Bout to change my rap name to what? Kill or Cline a Clone
I promise that the mic will need a mito tag
It's still clear I'm still here and that's despite your fad
I left the underground alone and nobody came and took it
Well guess who's back to take it like good lookin
Look in the garage your cars ain't sick as ours
I done had the doors ajar on plenty cars
I was gettin large while ya'll was chillin hard
So the rappers praise the God like synangogue
Just when they thought it was haters when I'm a hurt em all
Just when they thought it was traitors when I'm a curve the ball
I'm always right but I act like I neva heard a wrong
And I know it all like I'm able to give a nerd a call
Clark Kent but I'm sure I can make the shirt come off
Mixtape Messiah 4 it's like I'm (click) cockin the burner ya'll
(get ya burners get ya burners, here we come again, get ya burners get ya burners, here we come again)
You know who the streets waitin to see, me... Mixtape Messiah 4, let's go
I tried to chase the green face like the wizard of oz
Took the yellow brick road to esquisite of cars
Don't wanna hear nuttin real you should be skippin my parts
My swagger get any higher I'll be sittin on mars
I don't post on blogs or chat about what singers gay
I don't switch screen names and change up everything I say
I don't let sound scan allow a lame the right of way
You can sell 10 million and still be not who I'm a play
Car pearly white as teeth I guess that you can say I'm flossin
See me and think of green, like st. patricks day at boston
I lead and they follow these rappers guilty of stalkin
The underground was dead but I'm a bout to leave the coffin

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