Gotta Get My Roll On lyrics

Can you ball montell?
You got game?
(yeah, I got game!)
Okay buddy
I know he aint got no game

From the westside to the eastside
From the northside to the southside
I got good dues if you like the rules
I said I got good dues
Oh oh ohh, oh yeah
Oh yeah

The sun comes up in my neighborhood
I scratch my nuts, and man it sure feels good
Im leanin in the corner like Im barely alive
cause I remember a time when I didnt have a ride
Always in the passenger seat
And always next to last when the honeys, we would meet
But now that things have changed, slightly re-arranged
I must admit, its kinda strange
To be walkin down the shaw with my big black boots
And my happy nappy wear, and my karl kani suits
I got a big truck, its parked up the block, and
I see ya ladies jockin, yeah, youre takin stock
Now that I have your attention, did I mention
I got back in la, uh, its in my cd player
The days of ol when I used to get my stroll on
Are now long gone, cause...

1 - I gotta get my roll on
Ive got to get mine
Dont you know its time
I gotta get my roll on

Repeat 1

Now check it
Im sitting in my ride
And all the honeys all look inside
And see whats going on
cause a brotha got a telephone
They roll up slow, but they have to squint
cause my windows have a real dark tint
To keep these hoochies steady starin
Tryin to see what a nigga is wearin
My license plate says swing
And you know theyre thinkin crazy things
About chandeliers and ice cream bars
And sick sick brothas, and the big black cars
But hold on tight my dear
cause monty got speakers out to here
Ill have you shakin your head like youre losin control
Because I gotta, I gotta, I gotta (roll)

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Im at sharwin king, I checks my rear-view mirror
A nigga like monty needs to see a little clearer
Then I hear a honey honkin at my rover
She says pull over so I pull over
Out jumps my ride and I go to the curb
My ? to her, I attemps to serve
She say she likes me, shes jockin my crew
So tell me what the hell am I supposed to do
Shes givin me love, shes givin me love
So I write my phone number on a dub
Then I pass it through the window
Its back inside
All of my niggas like to ride, yeah
I might make her my girl
cause she says she wants to take me
To the top of the world
But I dont know, I think she better hold on
cause a brotha like monty has got to get his roll on

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

O.g. gotta get his roll on
Paul stewart gotta get his roll on
If Im talkin to your girl, you better hold on
You know I gotta get my roll on
P.m. gotta get they roll on
My brother ? mark? gotta get his roll on
Now ? has gotta get his roll on
You know I gotta get my roll on
B-low gotta get his roll on
T.m. gotta get his roll on
If Im thinkin ways to get my swole on
You know I gotta get my roll on

I gotta get mine, I gotta get mine
(dont you know that I gotta get my roll on)
Said I gotta get mine, gotta get mine
(gotta get my roll on)
Russel simmons gotta get his roll on
Dior gotta get his roll on
Def jam has gotta get their roll on
Power moves gotta get your roll on
And monty gotta get his roll on

You know why I can tell montell?
cause you dont walk like a ball player
You walk just like yay, Im happy!
You know?
But I know he can sing though
The album, the boys album is nice

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