Graduation lyrics

It's been four long years but now it's done
Time to say farewell and then move on
Put on your cap and gown and face the truth
The girls here were looser than a baby tooth

Let's rewind a bit to the first day of school
You were five feet tall, always played by the rules
But as time passed by you changed your mind
'Cause The High Sox came and destroyed mankind

From graduation back to orientation, we've been there

For five long years, hot beats we guarantee
Before Flight of the Conchords or Tenacious D
We were up and front, in the student's eyes
The greatest band to ever arrive

In the streets of BH or the town of Mside
We rocked the hoods With infectious pride

Jon and Mike, legendary names
Local legends in the music game
But now it's over, as time will tell
So The High Sox will bid you farewell

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