Gravitational Pull lyrics

From Chris LeDoux's "LIVE" 1997
Say, I gotta tell you, uhhh, I feel like one
of the luckiest guys in the world.
Uhhhh, cause when I fell in love with a girl,
she fell in love with me back and
weve been married for twenty-five years now.
And Im sure there are some young guys out there thinkin,
Twenty-five years. Man, doesnt that get kind of old?
Well if you got a woman like mine, man,
you can still feel the gravitational pull.
Music starts
Verse 1:
Its a source of speculation, morning, noon, and night,
About who is, and who aint, which way is wrong or right.
Well, Id describe the feelin, but, shoot, I dont have a clue.
And if the truth were known darling, well, neither do you.
For a long time now, Ive been trying to figure out this ole rig-a-ma-roll.
You know and it seems to me there aint nothing no where
Thats been written in stone about the how or why love can turn a body upside down
Its all mud, guts, and barbeque sauce, and finger-paintin the town. Well
Its the strongest attraction in the universe.
Aint nothing better, baby aint nothing worse.
Study after study nobody understands
The gravitational pull between a woman and a man.
Verse 2:
Well it will lift you up or knock you down, take away your common sense.
Itll plant your feet on solid ground; it will fill your heart with the consequence.
And her words will leave you thirsty, for a drink from her deep well.
And its tears are gonna burn you like lava, and make you feel like hell.
Verse 3:
So girl when it comes to you and me and the kind of love that we fell in,
Well, I dont want no Betty Crocker without a dash of Mae West thrown in!
I wanna go outside and dance with you bare-footed in the pouring rain,
With the lightning crashing all around, people saying weve gone insane.
Chorus, twice.
I dont understand it, but after 25 years, I gotta say, I still like it!
You will too!

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