Gucci & Fendi lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Autotune can die but how do we erase the copy cats
Whatever replacing that I bet they all gonna Copy that
I can spit sick so tell me why would I be mad
I be killing everything my sponsor is the body bag
Messiah 7 this the final chapter
If you want any more No you can rewind it after
Industry nut huggers acting like he ain't a factor
Well Bruce Leroy we boutta show em who's the master
They say you can't be gangsta if you're not in black
Rappers say they gangsta like that mean that they can not be wack
So I look around and realize I only got my strap
And just for the hell of it I'm yelling where my posse at
Naw I don't have no homies homie that's because
You can be my dawg till you touch my money with ya paws
Grindin' is like sex to me work is like the best massage
Call my wallet Nicki everyday I'm tryin to get minajed
Hey don't be mad lighten up light C Debarge
Use my money for a step and I'm a have a seat on mars
I drive by ya silly blogs
Mirrors on my cars so all my haters can see they flaws
The past they want me to be a retro
But I so George Jetson that the future what you get bro
Materialisticness is what they all expect though
So Esco can let the hook go

[Verse 2:]
Mann I'm livin large welcome to my fortress
Crib pale white I call it the scott stotchress
Maid that talk trash to me Like weezy & georges
Ain't really that good at cleaning but she do it lookin gorgeous
Ya got me lacing up my forces
So van go it's time to paint a better portrait
Of course it's time for my course to change courses
No tony danza I gotta show em who the boss is
Ya girl is drooling on her Hewlett Packerd
Can get me out her system got me feelin like I'm a hacker
Rapper my competition is just Casper
Ain't gotta flash the funds to turn ya freak into a flasher
Brain incredible ain't talkin where the wave is
Which one of ya'll can get the Royal penis the cleanest
If you don't get it I'm tellin ya what I mean is
That's you're smart then I'm tryin' to be ingenious
How I could I not enjoy my life
Ain't a private plane on the planet that I ain't saw more than twice
The reason why they hit the mall to order the ice
But it's more to life I know I'm more than right
Ya talk that money talk they tell ya that ya one dimention-
Al but all I know is that we need an intervention
So Gucci this and Fendi that is what I gotta mention
So now that I got your attention

I talk that money talk So you know who the boss

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