Gunpoint Stories lyrics

The shooter name is wayne,
the victim didn't complain,
she just screamed shoot again,
I gave her extra rounds,
my barrel twists around,
I am mr shoot 'em down,
I leave hearts on the ground,
My love is a weapon,
and yes I use it well,
And I let the rose petals cover up the bullet shells,
I never shoot and tell,
I only shoot to kill,
and that vest aint gonna help ya even if it's made of steel,
My love is a revolver,
do you wanna be my target,
cuz im a sharp shooter,
matter fact im the sharpest,
my aim is so flawless,
girl you can be the farthest,
i'ma still shoot my love,
girl let me know that you caught it.
I'm the triggaman I pull it,
I will when he wouldn't,
do you wanna eat the bullet,
And I know where to put it,
It's weezy F. baby,
I'm shootin like the army,
Girl I should be illegal better put the safety on me

(Thanks to Joey Castro for these lyrics)

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