Gunshots lyrics

(feat. PSK-13, K-Roc, Kid, Indo-G)

[Hook: Tommy Wright III]

Gunshots, gunshots
That's all I'm hearin' is them
Gunshots, gunshots
Them niggas runnin' from them
Gunshots, gunshots
Can't go to sleep cause I hear
Gunshots, gunshots
Twenty four seven I hear

[Blik, black, blucka]
Nigga back the fuck up

I break bread, and lay my head in Southside hi-zaw
Where dice games have these niggas offside shootin'
If these shoot motors could talk, shit they'll charge ya for game
And hustle hatas only out to slaughter ya name
PSK that ain't the factor in it, and we don't act up
Blick, black, bluck nigga back the fuck up
Hatin' niggas gettin' dealt wit, on some cap peel shit
Bluesteel snubnose what I kill wid
You know I, hold down blocks like a C-O
Roll down blocks like a G-O,
Nigga what the deal, original, down south hustla
I'm still out here hustlin',
That plaque ain't nuthin' playboy
I strictly do business by the code ah these streets
When niggas violate that same nigga see the sheets
It's hell to pay the captain, and I mean that shit partna,
And you can tell by the way I'm wettin' it, gunshots


How many motherfuckin' niggas out there done, heard ah K-Roc
You fuckin' wid a Street Smart connection now, bitch I'm on yo block
Where them niggas at, hangin' out the window
Get 'em, hit 'em, split 'em, *drrrr,drrrr*
Pull up on the side ah the car
Nigga done come wid a big ass pistol
Bitch, bitch.. raise them motherfuckin' hands like FAST!
Shit, shit.. this Street Smart click WHOOO!
When a nigga wettin' come get me T,
I'll show these niggas what's up wid me
Lock and load, put 'em in the test mode
You motherfuckin' hoe, oh noooo!

[Tommy III]
I lay my head in Memphis, where they be killin' drug dealin'
Niggas get shot out chillin',takin' up smoke just to cope
wid the fact that a nigga can't survive if he don't got a gat
Leave a nigga nigga flat on his back it's us
Thirteen to the third power, SPC and Street Smart's in this thugs
In my veins, it's cold water
If ain't murder, it's manslaughter
Steppin' out the door all a nigga finna hear is gunshots
The time on earth gettin' shorter,
Cock it back and bust get buck
I can't come out without it
In the South yo mouth can get you killed
A-Town, M-Town let me hear you shout it, what?


Runnin' young hog nigga, you catch me buckin' nigga
Screamin' ain't sayin' nuthin' they really ain't weighin' nuthin'
Don't let me take my shirt off, pull my pants up
No fake ass nigga, ain't tryna throw no hands up
Woodrunnaz is in me nigga, got me fucked up
I smoke a sherm wid my weed nigga, Nigga back the fuck up!
Get it, got it baby you gotta get it good
We gon' blicka, blacka, blucka
Blicka, blacka good

This is what they told me,
Turn around, stick 'em up, put ya fuckin' hands up
We in here, where's the fuckin' cheese bro
Optimo, plenty hoes I hustle for a livin' nigga
True to what I say, ev'ryday, X'd out
Sippin' tough-enex, break a nigga neck if he violate
Hit the green, Remy Martin make my pupils dialate
I don't give a fuck about these niggas and they hoe ass ways
Slap 'em wid the yawk, nigga step before I spray the K

Break 'em off wid a rat-tat-tarry yo red rum and a motherfuckin' alley
where I be, naw I ain't shootin' in the air
I'ma plug a slug in ya ass and nigga duck and run
Call the cops, call ya boy, AT&T nigga Indo-G
No love no peace, no peace no love
Take it to the head like a muhfuckin thug


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