Harley And Rose lyrics

Harley and Rose were reunited
this time they said it was for real
she'd take him back to where it started
he would melt her heart of steel
Life is a bitter disappointment
she would hear young Harley say
if you find something more important
I will not stand in your way
Like static on the dial
a look come back in style
Harley and Rose
they just lost it for a while
Harley claimed there was no lover
nothin' blooms this time of year
while Rose was thinkin' of another
she did not see him disappear
Like tumblin' down the aisle
a half forgotten smile
Harley and Rose
they just lost it for a while
You know we all can change direction
ain't nothin' to it just relax
he adds one more to his collection
she strikes another useless match
Harley was dreamin' of his funeral
as customary he was late
but just in time to see young Rosie
lay her flowers at the gate

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