Hello Heartache lyrics

Hello heartache
I should have known you'd come my way
Since she left me
All my dreams have gone astray
She was all I had to live for
Now my every hope is gone
So I guess you'll be here with me from now on

Hello teardrops
Why do you fall like winter rain?
It's too late now
For she won't be back again
And there's nothing you can do
To ease this longing in my heart
For I'll miss her just as long as we're apart

** For awhile I thought she loved me
All of that is over now
And I tried to make her happy
But I failed her somewhere, somehow

Hello gray skies
Were are the shining stars above?
Do you miss them
As I'll always miss my love?
If you do then I'll stay with you
All night long until the dawn
For I know that I can't sleep now that she's gone.

(**repeat last two verses)

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