Here It Comes Again lyrics

Capo at 2
Lets talk about a criminal procedure
Throw out the idea of illegal seizure
G am
Put a rope around somebodys neck

Lets hold some bastard up for example
Take his blood and a urine sample
Feed him garbage and make him pick up the check

Well, here it comes here it comes, here it,
Here, here, here it comes again (twice)

While you were sleeping the neighbors crept in
Saw you were naked and called it a sin
The next thing you know... its the next thing you know

Men they poked their heads in your kitchen door
Smelt something burning and they were sure
It must be the flag you were burning thats what they swore

Chorus repeat

They tell you the preacher was hypocritical
What they dont tell you is that hes typical
What he stands for is totally mythical

And as they lead him away hell pray for you brother
With a Bible in one hand and playboy in the other
Imagine what he does to his mother

Chorus repeat

They tell you they wanna give the right to life
To millions of jerks who will live by the knife
Wholl beat up their children and beat up their wives

Now dont write poetry its an offense
Unless it falls to the right of the fence
Youll wind up a victim of zero tolerance

Lets hold some bastard up for example take his blood and a urine sample
Remind him that man belongs down a man hole (three times) and then
Ah yeah, get on down. /pre>

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