Hey Louie Louie lyrics

Yeah, Louies rap - take 1
We got a funky one

Take me out 2 the ballpark - strike 1!
Louie Louie in the house
Come on yall, get some
Im the designated hitter in the house
So don't play the hold out
Tell 'em what Im talkin about
Set it up - swingin - strike 2!
Whole house swingin
People screamin' - ears ringin
With the sound that Im throwin down
Strike 3 - Ure out!
Dropped it in the first round

Hey, Louie Louie (Go, go, go, go, go, go Louie, go)
Aw yeah
Hey, Louie Louie (Go, go, go, go, go, go Louie, go)

Game 1 of a 7 games series
Whos up 2 bat? L-O-U-I-E
Now freeze, can everybody hear me?
Mic check - 1 2 3 - Ahem! Cool!
Now let me resume, make room
As I zoom 2 the charts with a hype tune
Step if U wanna with the squeeze play fly
But before U know it - another R.B.I.


Time 2 switch - here comes a change-up
Im kicking it at the park with an All-star line up
Comin with the new gears
Sure 2 hit the kind of record these execs are sure 2 benefit from
Yo, hold up P, gimme some
Put some more kick in that bass drum - boom!
This version makes me wanna get dumb
U got me juiced and Im lookin' 4 the home run

Hey Louie Louis (Go, go, go, go, go, go Louie, go)
Whos in the house?
Hey Louie Louis (Go, go, go, go, go, go Louie, go)

Slide in with attention
I'm scoring a run, 4 which there is no prevention
Home field advantage dont mean a thing
As long as U bring your swing with soul and feeling
Dig down deep - reach a little farther
Come correct, or dont even bother
Sooner than later everybody will know my name
Louie Louies headed 4 the Hall of Fame - yeah!


Yo ladies, whats the call?
Louie Louiss in the house with the party yall (Oh!)
Oh! Rollin up hard - this time flexin
5-deep sitting in my Benz
4 those who diss and dismiss me
Try 2 write me off and say that Im history
Before I even start, they said Im through bookin
Boy, Im like Ball Park Franks - I'm plump when Im cookin'


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