Hold On To Me lyrics

A quiet conversation
A solitary prayer
Listening in the silence
and knowing You are there
Emptying my troubled heart
My secret hopes and fears
You speak to me in whispered words
That the heart alone can hear
I love You so
Won't let You go
Hold on to me
I could never offer You
the praise that You deserve
The thanks for all You've given me
and with nothing in return
But I will give my life to you
My moments and my days
If only for the peace I find
Every time I hear You say . . .
Keep me near this day
Never let me stray
From Your everlasting, sweet embrace
Hold on
Hold on to me
Another conversation
Another quiet plea
Stumbling for a way to say
How much You mean to me
and once again You give me more
Than I can give to You
So I'll just say these simple words
'Cause it's all I know to do

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