Honest Work lyrics

As long as you give me my pay youll get your moneys worth
Ill be there 8 hours a day I wont hide and I wont shirk
I got a way with a hammer and a nail a dovetail and a tongue and groove
Put up a wall in half a day guarantee itll never move

Shouda li li li dum dum a day honest work

Im gonna build a strong foundation marble walls like grand central station
Not gonna feel any more frustration do enough work for an entire nation
Gonna get a chisel and an awl and a saw carve my name out on your door
A block and tackle and a spirit level take your heart of glass and put on a bevel

Chorus repeat

Got to build a strong foundation strong enough to hold up a nation
Strong enough to put your faith in the roof wont leak and the floor wont cave in
Gonna get a lathe and a capstan press take an old claw hammer to this mess
Gonna knock down the walls of denial wear em down with a pick and a file

Chorus repeat

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