Honolulu Lulu lyrics

Aloha, it's Honolulu Lulu from Hawaii
I saw you out the corner of my eye
And here I come
Blowing one too many pages of your paper over
Pulling on the sails of your catamaran
As only I can, here I come
Aloha, alo, aloha
Aloha, alo, aloha
We're going to have to
Call in all the army and the navy and the air force
Everybody on the island
Every boy and every girl becoming soldiers
Conscription, aloha
(Chest in, tongue out, cough twice and they say, ah)
Description, o no ah
Everybody's screaming, streets are teeming
With kamikaze rickshaw
And the hurricane keeps on blowing
Just as hard as she can blow
Will she ever let up, no
Panic station, evacuees
Description, refugees
Aloha, alo, aloha

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