HorrorShow lyrics

I've been following I've been following your mind's instructions

On how to slowly sharply screw myself to death

Yes there is a screw

It's pointed at my head"

Then, look, a dream peddlar

+ a stick of light through my bones

"Don't get on the wrong one"

"Oi you and you what's your game"

Laying me down to waste

Laying me down

now you can pin me up or put me down uh uh uh uh oh

Now let it all go:

It's a horrorshow

you should come on round

horrorshow the horse is brown uh uh oh

left something in Moscow

She said: "I'll show you a picture

a picture of tomorrow

there's nothing changing it's all sorrow"

oh no please don't show me

I'm a swine you don't wanna know me...

Still I've been following following your minds instructions

on how...

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