Hour Glass lyrics

Written by tony collacott, jack mowbray and breen leoeuf
Never released

Im just sitting counting all the cobwebs
And wondering just when youll come along
You said that youd be here an hour ago
But an hour ago is hours ago from then

No, and I dont know what to do
Im drawing crazy patterns on my shoe
And the sand in the hour glass slips on by

Light another cigarette, watch the burning glow
Catching spiders in my hand, and then I let them go
Imagine pictures on the wall, watch the insects where they crawl
They dont care about you and Ive nothing to do

Maybe the bus didnt get there on time
Maybe the train doesnt run on that line for some reason
And she might not come
Because she doesnt want to see you again
No no no, that cant be true
And Ive got nothing to do

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