How We Roll lyrics

(snoop dogg)

S-n,double o p, mutha fuccaz no me,
Locc'ed up n smoked up,me n goldie loc awayz bangin,war taggin,
Cakis saggin if u yall niggaz leave me hanging,ha-ha-ha-ha-haaah!,
St8 crippin n dippin tha bloods in tha blood, driped outed n they flood,
Do double g,dpgc,lbc,yall know me.

(goldie loc)
Hey locc im representing, ill stump you in tha mud,
Fucc tha vicelords n them crooked ass bloods,
Its easy 2 kill a slob,me n my crip mob,
Lbc how we roll.muthafuccaz.

(tray dee)
Im locc'n it up wit tha loocs,
Pop-pop- gun smoke roccin blu,gray n white
Its a full moon tonight dpgc,
Some slobs wanna fight,pull out tha gat n send niggaz to gangsta city
Sho no pity,when i die.qb,lbc.dpg.loc.

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