I Ain't Her Cowboy Anymore lyrics

I pack up my saddle

Throw it in that two-horse trailer

Back up my truck, hook 'em up

And drive away

Won't be the first time

But this time's the last time

She meant it when she said

That's all I've got to say

Never had been thrown like this before

I ain't her cowboy anymore

Never say it comin'

But I knew where it was goin'

When she asked how long this time

Before I hit the road

She didn't come right out and say it

But I sure got the message

When I reached out to hold her

That shoulder sure was cold

Figured I'd just let goodbye run its course

I ain't her cowboy anymore


These white lines are a blur

Like the last few nights I spent with her

I don't know where I went wrong

Or if I did

Like the good ol' boy I am

I told her that I understand

But Lord knows that I won't

We met in Denver

Settled down in Dallas

The best days of my life

Were the ones I spent with her

You'd think that all that lovin' ought to count for something

Guess I wore out my welcome

Like the rowels of these old spurs

That Casper sunset's what I'm shootin' for

'Cause I ain't her cowboy anymore


Her cowboy anymore

I ain't her cowboy anymore

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