I Know Why I'm In Love lyrics

Music by elton john
Lyrics by bernie taupin
Released as a b-side in 1997

I wake up and I look at the clock
In the middle of the night my heart stops
When I see you in the moonlight
I know why Im in love

Peace will come I promise you
I wish you success in all you do
And when I think about the rest
I know why Im in love

Its hard to find the kind of thing
Youve searched for all your life
Someone bright and crazy
With a little soul inside
And looking at you fast asleep
I thank the stars above

And what more can I say
Ive said it all in different ways
The bottom line, the simple facts are true
I know why Im in love with you
I only hope you know I love you too

I kiss you and I melt inside
What you mean to me I cant describe
And if seeing is believing
Youd know why Im in love

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