If I Like It I Do It lyrics

Written by jay kay and nick van gelder

Say that we have all the time we need to make it right
Dont hurry for nobody if it aint the thing you like
Know your place and fit your space, young man you will conform
I didnt hear my soul express those rules when I was born

Cause Im free to roam cause its my home
You cant stop sweet inclination
The kids want the system braking down
Not higher education
If it aint no natural law
Then you can keep your regulations
Cause if I like it I do it!

But I keep on movin though they wanna bring me down
Ive gotta run for the cover, and keep on smiling
Though they wanna tie me down and give me death for the lover,
And I keep on losing though Im proving what Im doing
Im still grooving, and if I like it I do it!

Youve got to help those people break that legislation,
We can overcome this suffocation,
Execute your natural liberation,
Happy to enjoy rejuvenation
All around hear the sound
No one can stop us now,
A thousand rules for plastic fools!
Now they can take a bow,
Surely theres been time to see it doesnt work by now,
So if I like it, I do it!

Still i, keep on finding that theyre pushing those distorted visions,
And I keep on living but Im dying cause of their decisions,
If I keep on looking I can find a higher space
Im still grooving and if I like it, I do it!

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