I'm Just Your Man lyrics

Pre>e^ as 0 14 14 13 12 0
A~ as 0 7 7 6 5 0

Intro: e^ / a~ / e^ / a~ / e

E a e a
Im not a page in history not something that bold
E a g#m b
Im not the greatest mystery that was ever told
E a e a
I may not be who you wanna spend a whole life with alone
E a g#m f#m
Im not that fascinating with features carved like stone

F#m g#m a a b
But Ill tell you everything before you run away hey
G#m a b e a / e / a
Ill tell you what I am Im just your man

Im not a hero or even someone who does good
Im not made of iron or steel or stone or gold or bronze or wood
I may not notice the little things sometimes I cant see
But Im not the kind of fool Im made out to be

F#m g#m a a b
But I love you yes I love you you can understand hey
G#m a b e a
Then youll know what I am, Im just your man

B g#m7 c#m7
Im just your ma a an just your man thats all
B g#m7 c#m7 b a
And if I cant be that Im no man at all

Im not a burnin comet that fell out of the sky
E a g#m f#m
I know Im just like the next clown when I get too high

But I love you yes I love you and if you understand
Then youll know what I am. Im just your man

Outro: same as intro. /pre>

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