I'm So Cute lyrics

One Two Three Four!
Feelin' sorry
Feelin' sad
So many ugly people
I feel bad
I'm so cute
They're so honely
Some of them
At home 'n' lonely
Wish they could be
Very cute like me
But they will never
Get to be
Some folks got it
Some folks don't
Some so ugly
They never won't
See his hair
See his clothes
I'm sure you care
Terry Ted
Is really sweet
Watch the way he keep the beat

Sweet as honey
He's a piece of cake
From the ginseng root
'N'stuff he take
Vitamin E
'N' all the B's
He's so cool he'll make you freeze
Make you freeze
Make you freeze
Excuse me please
Step aside
I'm gonna ride
I'm gonna strut
I'm gonna slide
Hey, ugly folks,
Go get some cyanide

A-rennda-rennda-rahhh (etc. repeats)

Ugly is bad
And bad is wrong
And wrong is sinful
And sin leads to eternal damnation
An' hot burnin' fire
Hot burnin'fire
Hot burnin' fire
Hot burnin' fire
Screams of agony
Screams of agony
Screams of agony
Screams of agony
One Two Three Four
I'm so cute!
I'm so cute!
I'm so cute!
I'm so cute! repeats

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