Initial Contact lyrics

We need the cartoons and the cars and the candy bars
Hmm? Let's try to get some dishes out

Seven-thirty P.M. I'm G-ing
I turned on the TV to watch the NBA on ESPN
Got a call from KO AKA AB
He said K let's go eat at the OG ASAP
I said OK, hand me some cookies was goin eat them (ha)
My bread was kinda low so I went to the ATM
Seen my homie D and my young potna C Slim
Standing on OST arguing with his BM
I said AYE! Look out for HPD and told them be blessed
And I GO cause I ain't had time for the BS
On the way he saw my boy Lee
Gave him a CD and a ten because he told me that his tank was on E
He used to be a athlete at PV
Transferred to FSU and the STC then he shattered his knee
The MD said no NFL
Because the MRI reviled that he tore his ACL
He use to crease it had to DCB
Got torment SOB, DA send him a TVC
I shot him twenty more dollars on GP
Then I told him to stay in touch he told me that's a BET

Everyday life
Ha-ha, HA
That's one example
Lemme give you some more game
Watch this

You see I'm from the H double OD
This is not the OC, the trouble last longer than double OT
Your gonna leave a SOS just to leave, be on your P's
These fools is jacking two-piece from KFC
Try'na get from point A to point B
It's no love whether you got a GED or a PHD
The FBI try'na make us see jail
That's why we bring our A game and keep on hustling on the DL
Ghetto CEO's live in HD
It's in our DNA to grind and keep on connecting like AT&T
We'll punch an MF in the nose
When ya messing with pros it's best that you know your X's and O's
RIP to the USA
We leave haters DOA and LOL at the KKK
I SMH and holler OMG
The hood is contradictory like a AAV and that's BYOB
Pushing more drugs than CVS
Find them on MLK in the BMW OD from popping Ex
See the streets is no good, like fake ID's
We hogged space like UFO's and MIB's

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