Internet Thugs Attack lyrics

I'll Kiillll you
Ayo If you ever play me
Ask around my borough they gon tell you that I'm crazy!
I'll Kiillll you
Son if you ever play me
I got a tech 9 a sawwed off and a 380!
I'll kiillll you
You don't even entertain me!
Wouldn't listen to your newest CD if you payed me
I'll kiillll you (I'll killllll you)
You know where I'm at, I'm in the hood just page me!

My Man's on Some people call him reckless
And even he'll admit that southern music ain't the freshest
So I'm a put some bullets in every rapper that's from Texas
Swear to god son! I see you, I'm a come up on that necklace!
Knock that Texas hat off, I hope you twit pic that!
When I make my way to texas, done! you will get jacked!
Control shift tap tap, cause you whack, get smacked
F - U - K - You on all paths Take That!
Cause Nah you ain't right! You don't spit that black thought
You ain't on my rap radar, you don't spit that real talk!
And I tell you that you soft cause you ain't from New York!
I put hollowpoints in every single vehicle you've got
Ain't no questionin my Thuggin L-M-A-O
I'm the most thugged out person that I know!
No wonder Texas screwed up you dudes too slew!
And I'm a hit a million posts if I get 2 more
So I know, I'm doin somethin productive with my life
Which internet chat room will I be clubbin in tonight?
I'm thuggin on this is 50 I'm live thuggin on Skype
All hip hop .com I'm thuggin it as I type!

I Daaaare you!
Highly unlikely
For you to leave the house or even put on your nikes!
I Daaare you!
Highly Unlikely
For you to come and see me you would probably just write me
I Daaare you!
Highly Unlikely
But if you feelin lucky go ahead and get hype G
I Daaaare you (I daaaaaare you!)
Nah I don't want no problems, I know you can out type me

Sincerely appologise to all my internet thugs
Please don't shoot I don't wanna die of internet slugs
Make a sucka feel tough for what the internet does
I know you post your craziness to get an internet buzz!
I know you tryna say what's hot and neva been in those clubs
I know you hustle on the net and movin internet drugs
But ain't no snitchin cause I'm different I ain't givin you up
And that's becaaaauuuuuse, (Ay what you say to me son?) That's just the internet thugs!
[Bang] [Screams] "Twitta that! "

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