Iz They Wildin Wit Us & Gettin Rowdy Wit Us? lyrics

ft. Mystikal
Yeah yeah
Fix that guitar shit
Yeah [25x]
Ay yo Mystikal
(Here I go wha)
Iz they getting' rowdy wit' us
Iz they wildin' wit us
Yeah yeah
Flipmode nigga (wha)
No Limit nigga (wha)
Flipmode nigga (wha)
No Limit nigga (wha)
Flipmode nigga
Yo yo yo (Here we go)
Coincide with yo boy check out with no lines
On yo boy look out but don't hide
When you bust it up and keep rhymes
When you walk towards the tape offline
For your boys got instinct rhymes
When you bump between the sixteen lines
When you bowl win the goal bitches scream
Win the goal keep ahead keep it live
Before you go get your tattoo rhymes
For your boy pick a bell in the bathroom
Penalized doing it till he get tired of ya boy
That shit between me and you niggas
Then trying to figure out what I say
I give less than a fuck, what you doing over there
Just don't get in my way
Hear my records feel my presence now and forever and until
Stop what you doing and work it fuck it nice
Just complete it with a licking to the man right there
Tell you mother fuckerswhat we came to do
It's just plain as day but they don't wanna see
If you don't wanna fight get the fuck is you'll be
In the spot working on my beat
Long time I'm having no compromise
I'ma open them up and them I'm dumping them out
I'm keeping it hard so don't get mad
Cause I'm loading 'em up and I'm running 'em out
Hit 'em with the bang then I feel a bang
Take her in the backyard outside leave 'em in a ring
Teach the niggas not to fuck with us
And next year we gon do the same thing and

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