Jcb Kansas On The Bus #1 lyrics

Jimmy carl black (dialog)
Kanzus j. kanzus (dialog)
Dick kunc (dialog)
Dick barber (dialog)

Hands up!
He he he, wroaa wroaa wroaa
. . . whys he got them two microphones taped together, what if we taped their dicks together? what would they say?

I get a feeling o the blues
(youd have a helluva time gettin your pants on, Ill tell ya that...)
Oh lord, since my baby said goodbye (been gonnnnne)
Dee dee dee dee
Lord I dont know what to do
All I do is sit and cry, oh lord
Since them dead-gone days you said goodbye
Well lord I thought I would be die...
The beer that made milwaukee famous
But the braves didnt hurt it any
She do me, she do you
Shes got the kind of lovin
Lord I loved to hear when
She called me sweet daddy

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