Joe Meek's Blues lyrics

Pre>capo at 2

My head was swimming in a bangkok joint
You got paint on your coat like an arrow point
I followed where it led as if pulled by a bow
C am d
Fired into the night deep and slow to where Ill never know

The hotel was dark as we made our arrival
Waiting breathlessly for the joe meek revival
But it didnt stand any chance of survival
You know joe had an american rival
Poor old joe, poor old joe

Em g
It takes a leap of faith,
Am am7
To pull the trigger on the world youre accustomed to
Am am7
You might as well take out the landlady too
Its only a small thing to choose
Em c am em c am d
Chorus just like joe meeks blues, just like joe meeks blues

Its a twisted world so lets twist again
Theres a bass drum sound going round in my brain
A cat communicates with an artichoke
Lord sutch delivers a homophobe joke
Heinz gets his nose chewed again

So you turned up in leon with very little luggage
Started talking in a foreign language
I tied two beds together with a strap from my bag
Everyone was dressed in white
But you were dressed in black

Dressed in black again
Pull the trigger on the world youre accustomed to
You might as well save a bullet for me too a footnote in tomorrows news
Chorus repeat twice then f d f d

Back in london and it didnt even rain
The joe meek revival was happening again
But the clocks went forward and the revival got choked
British summertime came like a cruel joke
You went back dressed in black

It takes a leap of faith
To really go for something right out of the blue
Sure we might have torn each others hair out by the roots
And recorded it on two track tape

Chorus repeat three times with variations end on ooh

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