Jumbo Go Away lyrics

Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Ike willis (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Ray white (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Bob harris (boy soprano, trumpet)
Steve vai (guitar)
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Arthur barrow (bass)
Ed mann (percussion)
David ocker (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Motorhead sherwood (tenor saxophone, vocals)
Denny walley (slide guitar, vocals)
David logeman (drums)
Craig steward (harmonica)
Jimmy carl black (vocals)
Ahmet zappa (vocals)
Moon zappa (vocals)

Jumbo, go away
Jumbo, go away
Jumbo leave me alone
Get your head off my bone
I wanna go home
(Im hungry)

Jumbo lighten up
Jumbo lighten up
Jumbo give me a break
Lighten up on my snake
Thats all I can take
(robbie take me to greek town!)

It seems I cant explain
The way I feel about you
You just dont understand
Youre from kalamazoo...

You got to realize
Our little romance deal
Will not materialize
Into a thing that youd call real...
(I think I have worms...)

Jumbo gotta go
Jumbo gotta go
Jumbo better get back
Or your eye will get black
When I give you a smack

Jumbo dont you cry
Jumbo dont you cry
Jumbo this is good-bye
I aint gonna lie
So wash up your pie

Wash up your pie
(there are three things that smell like
Wash up your pie
(one of them is fish...)
Wash up your pie
(the other two...)
Wash up your pie
(are growing on you...)

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