Just Like You lyrics

Many Masks that you will try on the path to growing old
Differant faces, differant skins to shed until you reach your goal
The mold will set, the clay will dry to the mask from which you hide
What matters most, intact remains the person trapped inside
The beliefs and ideas, the thoughts that run amuck
Will have all grown and changed but not have died with any luck
'Til then make fun of those who don't act or dress like you
While they're on the other side making fun of you
Making Fun Of You
Some choose to hide behind a mohawk and tattoos
Others choose a raiders jacket, others choose a tie and suit
But underneath our exo-skeleton we all look the same
Get some turpentine and start to strip away the name
Strip away the face, identity, where they live
Strip it all away 'til you see what it is that you have left
A heart and a mind and a soul too
On the inside they look just like you
Just Like You

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