Koopa Don't Care lyrics

Why the hell should koopa care [x3]
Yea yea
Why the hell should koopa care [x3]
Uh yea

Why the hell should koopa care if you don't think that's he the best
Your opinions nothin to me that means your opinionless
Got the charger transformin growling it's like it's possesed
Money come quick my american gon get expressed

Why the hell should koopa care we ain't havin naked sex
You ain't tryna give me checks don't even hit me on the text
So proud of his rap career really thinkin that he fresh
If you ever cross me your career is gon be fresh to death
Now this chick that I just met
Tellin me it's 9 o'clock
All these diamonds in my watch it's hard to read around the clock
Talking all up in my ear notices the diamond rock
You'd think I was signed ta block the way these brauds be on the joc

Why the hell should koopa care call it paper call it gwop
On the west they call it scrilla I just know I got alot
Presidents inside my pock-et I pull obamas out
Bet she secret service me like the police obamas got
Now your time is runnin out so is you fins ta ride or not
Just need you ta let me break you off like a karate chop,
Karate chop bedroom door that got a lock
Her man is gone she say she home alone like maculley caulkin
I make your body rock and if you don't your money back
She divin for balls like the shaq attack ta that's a rap
Call me up to conversate bout where the dough exactly at
I'll be on the line like you hear me with a hack a shack
Got a confession, my wallet never zips closed
Outta the city, my wallet gotta zip code
Shout out to semi hakeem is not a prince though
Cause now I'm feelin like a king the way I get dough
Get mo, down to the flo, my rhyme finna blow, don't sound liek a ho
Cause ya'll be talkin like some snitches the whole time finna know
You know me I'm better with bread than betty crocker
Got a safe could'ntfit alla my bread I got a locker
How come every girl that get in my bed is not a bopper
Every rapper that tell me he go fed is really ka ka
Male groupie move around and quickly take a pic
Or putcha wrist under the butter knife and make a slit
I'm talkin money cause I know it make my haters sick
Open your mouth the barrells big but I'm a make it fit

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