Leanin' lyrics

Soon as it get dark (darrrk)
We can hit the town (we can hit the tooown)
Let ya sit down (let ya seat doownn)
And we leanin, we leanin

Pull up in my car (carrr)
Turnin up my sound (turnin up my souund)
Let's ride around (let's ride arouund)
And we leanin, we leanin


[Verse 1:]
Went got the crib in cali but still pay the texas taxes
I live with heat incase they try to stick me like a cactus
I took the spur and put the custom paint on just for practice
They sleep on me but I'm never sleeping like what's a mattress
Tellers the only girl that call me by my government
Make a withdrawl by tommorrow il probably double it
I left a stack in the benz and valet discovered it but I also left my strap in the back so yea I recovered it
Shout out to short dawg, both short dawgs
I'm jammin that pimp c I'm bout to knock some dows off
They say the cost of livings high that's why I pole vault
Over the money till shes lyin there no cloth
Look how we do can't say them boys from texas ain't the trillest
I hit em with a what the heck you talkin bout like willis
Or gary they ask me how profitable that my deal is
I say forget the deal let's hit the streets I'm bout to kill it


Sunday morning pullin out my benz I'm lookin good

[Verse 2:]
Yea I know I rep texas where we talk wreckless about the checks and addicted to gripping wood
All-star weekend she talkin bout freakin wet as a pool then I go hop in the deep end till ya insides weaken and ya can't stop reachin, for cover because ya feel like ya need help breathing.
Never be more than a fling cause you and your little sister
Always want to be next to it like morticia
Cause I'm 10 times crisper but il never kiss her
Price will always come after that like fisher
But I ain't feelin that plus when I let that ceiling back
She gon forget that she ever wanted to get a stack
Like eww and your ceiling that the fat lady likes it's a rap
The streets will applaude I hit the corner and hear em clap


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