Let It Ride lyrics

Before I leave town today
Well, theres something
That I wanna say
That you regret the stormy night
You put your eyes on me

Well, you cheated on me
And you lied
And I mustve had that
A thousand times
But Ill be comin back one day
Just you wait and see

Oh, yeah, let it ride, let it ride
Let it slip, let it slide
Ride the night away
Let it ride, let it ride
Let it slip, let it slide
cause Ill be coming back to stay

This time you couldve let me live
But theres nothing more
That I can give
Youve stolen every day in my life
And then you threw it away

This train Im gonna ride tonight
Is gonna carry me
Right out of your sight
But Ill be comin back some time
And then youre gonna pay

Oh wont you take me tonight
Wont you carry me right to the top
Taking me higher
You carry me through
The things that you know
To the end of the line
How much higher?

The last lap is mine
Its too long as they say
You know its just what will be
As youve wavin goodbye
Keep rememberin why
The devil that got you was me

Youre the city where
I wanted to be
But the lonely spell you put on me
Its time for you to realise
That theres just no way

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