Lick My N*tts lyrics

Chorus x2: lick, lick my nuts, lick my nuts
suck my butt, suck my butt

lick my nuts, lick my nuts
suck my butt, suck my butt

lick my nuts, lick my nuts
suck my butt, suck my butt

lick my nuts, lick my-lick my nuts
lick my-lick my nuts

they call me lord infamous
the mother fucking scarecrow
this one is for all you bitches dropping off them pantyhoes

hoes be stickin close up on a niggas balls
drankin up that niggity nuts just like a fuckin hause, ya’ll

nigga lick this, bitches cant get this
smacking up in there get the fuck out them drawers trick

here comes the lord infamous wanna keep all of these bitches who working that corner these tricks that be wishing the fuck with this pimpin they trippin they eventually wind up a gonner

my game is stronger, keepin sluts on corners
when i see the finest bit, jone i get up on her

i know this bitch going, each these bitches blowing
my nigga always told em never pay em - never owe em

straight home we get a materialistic hoe up in it
fuck dat bitch she gets this mr. nigga is keeping em plenty
we cross these tramps we givin them nuts no matter what
shut dont talk slut, dont want to fuck this nigga nigga’s nuts.


tell me something bitch why do hoes like you be fronting with the drawers
knowing that you want a nigga to go up in them pussy walls
pay it for me hoe, know you lacking on intelligence
go and do a nigga up, bitch, i wont tell your friends
??? ??? ???
when i light ur ass up lil slut, then ur ass can think
why do it i aint like that bitch, dont give me that shit
too late now trick, all ready got the dickey

on trial hoe, welcome to the pimps court
niggas like me fuck hoes like you sport
a whore, tramp, hey bitch, NO WAY
sluts like you come a long everyday

u wanna be down with the scarecrow better learn the rules
start something, bitches to me , man they damn fools
you gotta do it whenever, and no matter what
shut ur legs, u slut, dont want you gush this nigga nigga’s nuts

repeat chorus until fade

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