Lifting The Veil lyrics

As we go deeper (Now we're lifting up the veil)
Veil of ignorance (Truth will never ever fail)

Lift the veil
So we can uncover what the facade is
The best question a person can ask is, "Who God is? "
Right up to the minute that I'm speaking
There are doubts of God's existence and his whereabouts
And life's purpose
And how this universe functions
For eons
God hid his self from amongst men
So, confusion set in
And after many years
Man developed his own philosophies and ideas
Of who the creator is
And how we all came
Without scriptural evidence to verify claims
Devil's would wickedly arise aims
Who realized the truth
And then intentionally exercised change
And over time the holiness was striped down and took
God's word was not always in the form of a book
The laws and the wisdom was always told
To the prophets originally
In placed on a scroll
Which those who wanted to read
Came and looked on
But eventually was compiled into a book form
The variations came through translations
The Greeks knew
The original tone the scriptures came from was Hebrew
The foundation of Christianity was drawn up from it
The Greek translation was known as the supplicant
A word meaning "seventy"
And that number was taken
Because 72 scholars did the work of translating
The different interpretations are served as a deterrent
There were multiple versions that predated the current
The Bishop Bible
The Geneva Bible or Matthew's
The Tyndale and the Wycliffe in 1382
The Vulgate
And Martin Luther even had a version
By him
The Old Testament was worded into German
In the 1500's
But he let it be known
There was a Latin version in 400 B.C. by St. Jerome
There was many more who got a hold of the word and mishandled it
And they got it from the Hebrew original manuscript
Whether you use a old one or a new one
The question is:
"With so many to choose
Which one is the true one? "
A few years ago I alluded
To the fact
That in the Catholic Bible
Seven extra books are included
Let me list them for those who might dispute it
First and second Maccabees
It's The Tobin and Judith
The Baruch and the wisdom of Solomon were dismissed
That's how it went from 73 to 66
And contradictions started landing
When man began to change God's words
And lean towards his own understanding
Now modern day idol worship rules the mainstream
Christianity and Christ teachings are not the same thing
When the ruler Constantine became a Christian
He made men combine religious principles with the ways of the pagans
Holidays like Easter were based on the phrase that,
"Jesus died and rose from the grave in three days"
But if he died on a Friday
It's untrue
And rose on a Sunday
Then that would make it only two
They celebrate his birthday in December
Called it immaculate
But if you read the scriptures
Then that timeline's inaccurate
See, shepherds don't have their flocks out in the Winter
Which proves that the Christ was not born in December
See, if Jesus was 33 and a half when he was killed
And his murder took place after the Passover meal
Passover was in March or April
This is a fact
If he was 33 and one half years
Let's count back
See a half a year is six months
Subtract from where I told you
Six months from March or April is September or October
It's over
For truth
Many died and others bled
What did Jesus have to do with rabbits and cut up eggs?
See the pagans had a ritual when Spring time came around
And women painted their bodies and hid till they were found
And homosexual men hid too
And whoever found them can do any sex act they chose to
With Jesus' name
Lies were bred
That tradition was passed down
And that's the reason why you hide eggs
And if this is the true day
Then something's unclear
Why does Easter fall on a different day every year?
What is Thanksgiving about?
Who are the Pilgrims?
The wicked criminals tricked the Indians and killed them
You love Chris Columbus
But he was no friend to you
He left Europe and got lost
He thought he was in India
63 years later
Africa's infiltrators
The motherland invaders
American slave traders
The devious thieves who came to Africa to seize us
Transported the blacks on a ship named Jesus
Across the Atlantic
Made stops in the Caribbean
Depicted Jesus' image as a blond European
Conditioned our minds and put the lies in
When Revelation: 1 and 14 clearly describes him
This won't close until all the lies have been exposed
The CIA and FBI knows of UFO's
See, some claim conspiracy
And [?] truth
Go research the evidence and documented proof
You can find them in the Bible
The prophets know what they are
In the Book of Ezekiel
The wheel that he saw
The government knows they're real
But it rarely surfaces
But more importantly
They know what their real purpose is
Economy fraud
People tricked by the government
Calamities and plagues
Are all a part of God's judgement
And in the end
Real truth is never curtailed
When the facts get covered up
We're lifting up the veil

Come on
Lifting up the veil
The veil of ignorance
Learn the truth
Don't just take what people say on face value
Do your research
I know you been talked like this all your life
I know what momma said
I know they didn't give you this in school
Middle school
High school
Even in church
So that means it's up to you
Get your knowledge up
Don't be afraid to challenge the preacher and the teacher
Ask questions
Learn history
True history!
Oh yeah!
There's a man named Elijah Muhammad
Check him out
Ha! Ha! Ha!
You might learn something

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