Live By The Gun * lyrics

Hook: [sauldin]

Live by the gun, die by the 4-pound (x7)

[killah priest]
I see demons in the atmosphere
Gats appear out of nowhere
Bloods and crips, we thuggin it
Niggas be lovin that shit
Bustin they guns at that shit
Look at shorty over there
On the street corner, pack a heat on her
Better warn em, about to be dead soon
I saw the sign in the red moon
Got me shakin in my bedroom
Nervous, whats our purpose?
So many churches
Ask a reverend, do black kids go to heaven?
Pack a gat for armageddon
Mac-11s, nowhere Im headin
Sellin cracks in sevens
Bc, lk, neatha
>from bushwick to bed-stuy
Got my moma on her knees by the bedside
Man wont fair with a suit and a necktie

Chorus: [sauldin]

Fallin from heaven and hell, spendin our days
Askin for christ, to come and change our ways
Its cold in the night, chasin the night...
Oh, father forgive us for what weve done

[? ]
Minds flippin, gotta focus
But to think I was
In and out when I wrote this
But my boom over rates people thats hopeless, copeless
Things seem like they never change, strange, damn
Like the night thang, pain inflictin my brain
Damn, man, try to maintain
My, my, my composure puffin on dolja
Feels like the heart gettin colder
Black priest from soldier, knows ya
Part, then I fold ya, hold ya
If you choose to bang wit me, hang wit me
Do ya thang wit me
But I see angel seeds flyin thru my mind
Cryin doin my time

If all those forgive me for what Ive done
Live by the gun, die by the gun
Screamin bloody murder
Mo murder, mo murder, red rum, red rum
My stun like cofey
You dont know my, Im an o.g.
Try to pop me, ima pop you
Weddin day bitch, weddin die too


[st. nickolas]
North, south, mid-west, west, east coast
Wherever goin, keep the heat close
Got some .45 slugs, make a nigga eat those
If not, leave a nigga with some dead holes
Throw his body in a deep hole
Never fuck with no creep, oh
Rose cartel starrin the street show
Finally layin back, shittin in a e-4
20, between the bread and the trunk
Hand on the pump
Ready to dump on any man for a lump
Actin like a bitch, is you a man or a chump?
Many niggas stand in the quicksand and they sunk
Nicky bomb, rose cartel, killah priest
Masada rolls thru the streets of the middle east
Swingin the double-edged sword when we slay the beast
Swingin the double-edged sword when we slay the beast
What? what?


Hook (x7)

[sauldin] father forgive us...

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